Patch Pets: Coco Sue Wants to Meet You

This boxer is housebroken, takes her treats softly, knows her name and the commands sit, run and get your toy.

The boxer is one of the canine world's characters and 2-year-old Coco Sue is no exception! She loves attention and her docked tail wags a mile a minute when she is petted. 

Coco is very playful and energetic and when left to run freely in our play yards, she will "burst" out into the Animal Friends yard and run at full speed from end to end making several laps in no time at all.

Her concept of exercise seems to be that life is to be lived at full speed.

Coco Sue loves all types of toys, especially balls that she can chase. She would make a great running partner.

Coco Sue recently spent some time in a foster home where she easily bonded with her foster mom and preferred to stay close by her throughout the day. She slept beside the bed at night and went to work with her during the day, content to lie quietly under the desk while she worked. She is housebroken, takes her treats softly, knows her name and the commands sit, run and get your toy. 

Typical of the boxer breed, Coco can be determined and will need gentle but consistent reinforcement of the rules. She wants to please you and therefore can easily be refocused.

It is recommended that Coco Sue be adopted by someone who has previous dog owner experience and that she be placed in a home where she will be the only dog. She likes the idea of being the only furry family member and knows that she has plenty of love and kisses to go around.

If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate family pet, stop by and meet our exuberant Coco Sue.

Visit Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or call 412-847-7002. You can also start your application online, so get started by clicking here!

Do you have room for Coco Sue? Tell us in the comments.


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