Patch Pets: Brownie Boy Likes Long Walks and Car Rides

Brownie Boy is a long-term Animal Friends resident who is still waiting for a place to call home.

Brownie Boy is a very sweet, people-oriented dog but he can be a little timid around new friends and places. We think he’s a little cautious around new people because he has been abandoned before.

If you take the time to know him and give him treats and some gentle love, we’re sure he can begin to trust you.

He likes car rides but sometimes needs some encouragement to jump up into the car. Once he’s in the car though, boy, does he like to feel the breeze on his face!

His foster parents reported that he walks nicely on a leash and loves long walks. Walks are also a perfect opportunity to meet new people and dogs, which Brownie Boy needs to help bring him out of his shell.

Animal Friends also offers a Shy Dog Class, which we think would be perfect for Brownie Boy. 

Brownie Boy is our own little Houndini. A careful eye needs to be kept on him when he’s outside to make sure he stays calm and doesn’t try to run away. 

We’d like to see Brownie Boy be the only dog in an adult home. If you think you can help this timid boy become the best dog he can be, contact an adoption counselor today.

Brownie Boy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Click here to watch his video and hear his incredible story! Then come meet him at Animal Friends!

Visit Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or call 412-847-7002. You can also start your application online, so get started by clicking here!


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