Patch Pet: You’ll Have a Best Friend with Sourdough

When he's in 'lap cat mode,' Sourdough simply turns into sweet bread.

We use the terms “affectionate” and “playful” a lot when describing our pets. But take those two words and multiply them by 10 and you’ll get an idea about our pal Sourdough.

This cat is beyond friendly. He’ll rub up against your ankles when you enter a room to greet you and when you reach toward him, he’ll lunge forward to headbutt and rub your hand. When he's in "lap cat mode," Sourdough simply turns into sweet bread (hence his name!).

You’ll have a best friend with this chipper and slightly stout cat. So, if you’re looking for the fun-loving and warmhearted spirit of a dog, but only have room for a cat, Sourdough is the cat for you. 

Click here to watch his video! Then come meet him at Animal Friends!

Sourdough has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you can help, visit Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, (Ohio Township), Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or call 412-847-7002.

You can also start your application online, so get started by clicking here!


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