Patch Pet: George and Marilyn are Two Love Bunnies That Need a Home

These partners for life need a home to share their companionship and loyalty.

George and Marilyn are best buddies forever.

These two bunnies are a bonded pair, meaning they are partners for life. Both are friendly, faithful, loving and warmhearted toward humans and each other.

Maybe we can all learn a lesson from these two love-bunnies who are currently available for adoption at Animal Friends.

They groom each other and will curl up together for bedtime. They are inquisitive and mindful about the world around them and will hop along with you when you walk around your home. They are perfect free-range bunnies.

George tends to be a little more gregarious and sociable, while Marilyn is slightly cautious. They complete each other. This elegant couple needs a home where George and Marilyn can share companionship and loyalty with their human counterparts.
If you are interested in adopting them, call Animal Friends at 412-847-7002. February is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month. To learn more about that and the fun activities planned, visit www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org.

By adopting from Animal Friends, you make it possible for the shelter to rescue and care for another pet who truly needs help. 

Do you have room in your heart and home to adopt these love bunnies just in time for Valentine's Day? If you do, let us know by signing in with your real name and posting your comments. Thank you!


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