Band Boosters Selling Discounted Kennywood Tickets—PR's Day is Aug. 17

Have you been to the park yet this summer?

For most of us, Kennywood defines summer in the ‘Burgh.

Kennywood Day is defined as Aug. 17 for Pine-Richland residents this year and the Pine-Richland Band Boosters are selling discounted tickets for that daylong journey into summer fun.

The $26 tickets are good all summer; $20 tickets get you in after 5 p.m.

Tickets are available at as well as and at the T-Bones plaza in Wexford.

Each year, Pine-Richland kids and adults look forward to taking a spin on the Music Express, testing out the latest coaster and enjoying the classics—the double dip on the Jack Rabbit, the contest of The Racer and the old twists and turns of The Thunderbolt.

This year, Kennywood offers a new thrill with The Black Widow.

What begins as nothing but a smooth ride in the breeze quickly becomes a blood-curdling, scream-inducing ride that will leave your head spinning. It’s one of those rides that makes you feel as if your face is melting off in the wind and your body is being pounded into the ground every time you swing back and forth.

Yep. It’s that intense. Combining the ultimate scares of insane height, spinning and swings, it is sure to please just about every rider in the park.

If you want to enjoy the thrills with fellow Pine and Richland residents, mark your calendar for Friday, Aug. 17. For details, see the flier in the photo box above.

So—what are your favorite rides, old and new? What are your long lasting Kennywood memories? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you thought of The Black Widow!


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