WPIAL Will Not Investigate Reynolds' Complaint About PR Soccer Coach Jodi Chmielewski

Parents Jack and Cindy Reynolds requested a review after the Pine-Richland School Board voted to retain the coach.

The WPIAL will not investigate a complaint brought by parents of a Pine-Richland soccer player regarding the girls' soccer program and its coach, Jodi Chmielewski.

The Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League notified parent Jack Reynolds and Pine-Richland Superintendent Dr. Mary Bucci in a letter that its Board of Control met Sept. 17 and discussed the letter of complaint.

"After extensive discussion and thorough review, the WPIAL Board of Control was unanimous in deciding that the allegations brought forward violation (sic) fall under the jurisdiction of the involved member school and that the member school has already considered and addressed the allegations," states the letter signed by Executive Director Timothy M. O'Malley.

Jack Reynolds and his wife Cindy requested the review after the Pine-Richland School Board voted to retain the coach.

Click here for the full story on the Reynolds' complaint.

The WPIAL follows the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association's rules and regulations as outlined in the PIAA Constitution and Bylaws.

The Reynolds charged that Pine-Richland's girls varsity soccer program and coach Jodi Chmielewski violated the athletic association's regulations.

Specifically, the Reynolds stated in their letter of complaint that WPIAL Rules and Regulations on coaching, health and using school resources for personal gain were violated by the coach.

The Reynolds also detailed in the letter of complaint a history of what they say happened to their daughter, Allyn, who received a concussion in an August 2011 soccer scrimmage. 

The Reynolds said Allyn's head was injured when she collided with an opposing player as both jumped up for the ball. After sitting out for about 15 minutes, she returned to the game and hit her head again after colliding with another girl and falling to the ground.

The Reynolds said that Chmielewski should not have put their daughter back in the game.

Two investigations—one by the school district and another by an independent investigator hired by the district—concluded the Reynolds' allegations about Chmielewski are baseless, said the coach's attorney, David White. 

The school board never discussed the investigations publicly, so the nature of the investigation is not clear. On Aug. 24, Pine-Richland Patch filed a Right-to-Know Request for the reports from those investigations.

Kim Kurz, right-to-know officer for Pine-Richland School District, responded in an Aug. 27 letter that the district would require additional time to review the request.

"Specifically, further legal review is required in order to determine whether any records responsive to your request are subject to access under the Right-to-Know Law and/or whether certain information within such records may be exempt and therefore require redaction. The District expects to provide a response to this request with thirty (30) business days," Kurz wrote.

That puts a response deadline at Oct. 10.

Jack Reynolds said he also filed a Right-to-Know Request for the reports.


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Fred Bloggs October 02, 2012 at 12:46 PM
And Fred Freitag is unusually quiet. Proof is in the pudding. Jodi did nothing wrong - this was 100% about playing time.
Cindy Reynolds October 06, 2012 at 02:51 AM
This was nothing about playing time. My daughter Allyn started Varsity as a freshman and played the whole game against USC. She started and played in the Norwin game but wasn't removed from play IMMEDIATELY after a collision that sent the other girl to the hospital. Jodi didn't take her out of the game until a team captain insisted TWICE that something was wrong & she be checked. Jodi put her back in the game with more than 20 min left in the game. Her father Jack was at the game but was not informed by Jodi or the trainer Michelle that she should be observed for concussion symptoms. To him & others in the stands her removal simply looked like a normal substitution. She didn't remember the collision. The next day it was the team captain that told her to go take the iMPACT test - not Jodi or Michelle. Michelle kept Allyn from playing for a week because of a headache. Jodi told me (in front of my daughter) NOT to take her to the doctor because she she passed the iMPACT test & didn't have a concussion Were you at the game? Have you viewed the game video? You obviously have NO clue as to what really happened! You have never even bothered to speak to us to get our side yet you declare "Jodi did nothing wrong"... Are you are just another Jodi groupie that wants her to like your kid so she can play whether she has talent or not? Is your kid guaranteed to play because you support Jodi?
Cindy Reynolds October 06, 2012 at 02:52 AM
BTW...Fred has frequently responded to other articles on the topic of Jodi's actions...He signs his name to every comment...Why are you hiding behind a made up moniker?
Fred Freitag November 06, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Fred Blogs - I didn't respond to your idiotic comments because you obviously don't have clue - completely clueless. This was not about "play time" but a concern for our children's health, welfare, and safety. You once again amaze me Fred Blogs - a completely "clueless" person!!


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