What Type of Superintendent is the Pine-Richland School Board Looking For?

The school board is looking for a superintendent to replace Dr. Mary Bucci, whose resignation is effective Jan. 8.

The Pine-Richland School Board is looking for a superintendent to take the place of Dr. Mary Bucci.

The board voted in October not to renew her contract when it expired June 30.

The board hired Pennsylvania School Boards Association as a consultant to handle to the search.

The PSBA is running this ad in Education Week's Top School Jobs section.


Superintendent, Pine-Richland School District, Allegheny County, PA.  Appointment in Spring, 2013.  Start date by July 1.  Enrollment approximately 4,600. 

Successful candidate will be a student-focused, ethical leader with the professional will to motivate and evaluate a highly qualified staff, and delegate responsibilities with focus and effectiveness. 

With the education and development of students as the district’s top priority, the candidate must have a demonstrated commitment to the continuous improvement of teachers and administrators in order to position the district’s human and financial resources most strategically. 

Communication skills are also critical to developing a cohesive and mission driven organization, and the district expects the next leader to continue its well-deserved reputation for engaging the community, with an emphasis on parental involvement. 

In today’s educational environment, a strong understanding and application of financial, budgeting and cost effectiveness strategies is needed to ensure long-term fiscal stability, while meeting the organization’s current strategic obligations. 

Salary negotiable and will be competitive, based on training and experience, qualifications and meeting board criteria including but not limited to the skills listed above.  PA letter of eligibility required. 

Tom Templeton and Dr. Wayne Doyle will serve as lead consultants on this project. 

Interested candidates should send a signed cover letter, two page resume, PA letter of eligibility (copy), sealed university transcripts, Act 24 clearance, current Act 34 and Act 151 clearances and FBI fingerprints (dated within 1 year)  to Pennsylvania School Boards Association, School Personnel Services, Pine-Richland School District, Superintendent Search, PO Box 2042 Mechanicsburg, PA  17055.  Please provide a secure e-mail address

Interested candidates will be required to complete and return an application.  To request an application, please contact Michelle Kunkel at 717-506-2450 ext. 3365 or michelle.kunkel@psba.org.  Applications received by February 4, 2013 will be assured a review by the Board of School Directors.  EOE


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PR Proud December 07, 2012 at 08:20 PM
The correct superintendent for our district will be an experienced administrator/ visionary, who is keenly aware that "the money well is nearly dry", as the PR taxpayers cannot afford reckless spending any longer. He/she will need to do this without sacrificing the needs our children, but knows that sacrifices will need to be made. He/She will need to be a recognized, experienced leader who brings new and innovative solutions to our district, not a promotion from a currently stagnant administrative cluster. He/she will need to help to us restore our place among the most elite school districts in our region, as Hampton and North Allegheny currently are. He/she must be willing to confront the politics that may deter lesser administrators- including the needed cutbacks in underutilized staff and/or those who do not fully serve our children with the highest degree of effort and professionalism (including teachers, supplementary staff, coaches, & administrators). He/she will need to communicate (and especially value) those bringing forth ideas that will lead our district on a direct path of excellence- an open door/ in the schools leader. He/She must recognize those pre-existing issues that can no longer be ignored including: teachers doing more direct instruction daily, employee compensation, and overseeing/ inservicing our principals and central administrators (too many have little classroom teaching experience) in their buildings . Not a job for the weak at heart!
PR Grad December 11, 2012 at 11:13 PM
PR Proud. I like what you are saying. Could you please just clarify for me what you mean by "teachers doing more direct instruction daily, employee compensation?" Are you saying that teachers should do more direct instruction or less? and are you suggesting that emmplyees be compensated to a greater or lesser degree? I agree that these are all things than need to be addressed just curious how you would suggest they be resolved. I also agree that we need strong leadership with a vision and energy.
Richard December 13, 2012 at 01:32 AM
PR Grad- I would guess that she would have the teachers teach more periods in a day. Our teachers at the HS and MS level teach up to six periods a day which is the most in western PA. Some other schools teach the same amount hourly throughout the day but ours are at the top with them. Many neighboring districts have their teachers instruct 5 periods a day to have more time for remediation, helping students and planning. On compensation, I think they are fairly paid for the job they do. The only thing that bothers me are that teachers at Highlands and Deer Lakes make more than our teachers for most of their lives and Deer Lakes top pay is very similiar to ours. To be the best we need to be more competitive with NA, Bethel Park, USC, etc. Not Highlands and Deer Lakes
PR Proud December 13, 2012 at 10:24 PM
I believe that if a person, who is an expert in operational efficiency, walked into any of our school buildings, he/she would have an extensive list of staff professionally under utilized. If a teacher can be paid over $90,000+ annually (after 17? years), plus the "dream" benefits (including the eventual defined benefit pension worth over 1 million dollars), plus working less than an 8 hour work day/ less than 200 days a year- every minute of that teacher's work day should be devoted to actually teaching our children. If you are providing the teacher(s) with paid lunch periods, paid individual planning times, paid daily open meeting times, and/or assigning them jobs that do not involve the teaching of our children (all during the instructional day)- then, I believe that teacher talent is being underutilized for our children. It does not end there, as our building principals, whose primary jobs should be as instructional leaders, are becoming even less visible in our schools, even as 12 month salaried employees. My argument is not with paying our teachers. My argument is that if a business was run as inefficiently as PRSD is today, the business would be long gone. We need a superintendent with an eye on bottom line, not one trying to maintain the status quo, or create another monumental building project. We certainly pay for the best, and he/she needs to recognize that we need to now maximize our resources to the fullest.
Richard December 15, 2012 at 12:56 AM
PR Proud- I do not agree with what you are saying. However, our teachers are paid equally to Deer Lakes and Highlands yet actually instruct or teach as much or more time as any school in western PA. So, is the new superintendent going to get new working conditions for the staff to make them teach more? That would be hard to do...it would be like your boss to tell you to work more then a neigboring business but for the same pay. Would you be ok with that? I wouldn't work for my business if they told me to work more than other companies for the same pay. It is hard to make our teachers instruct more since they already do as much or more so than others. I think our teachers work very hard. I also believe that they should be utilized in a way that is best for our kids. Some come could be instructing more but the ones that my kids have had through the years have worked harder than I do in my job. I could not handle 150 students on a daily basis along with their demanding parents (like me :)
Richard December 15, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Oops, opening remark should have been...I do not disagree with what you are saying
PR Proud December 15, 2012 at 07:38 PM
I would hope that our next superintendent would invest little time trying to match the oft times, redundant moves of neighboring school boards and focus on the economic realities of school funding today. The superfluous spending on employee compensation packages and the fiscal realities of today no longer can be mutually exclusive. He/she/we must not only expect more from what we are spending on our schools, we must demand efficiency and accountability.... the money train is broken. If you wish to compare school districts, please look at Seneca Valley and Mars (two districts where property taxes about half of our own). One has attained the acclaimed Blue Ribbon status at one of its schools this year, and the other is making major strides in its statewide PSSA scores (with results very close to PRSD). This is all being done without incurring the debt associated with a college-level stadium, extravagant building projects ( marble floors, enclosed tree/waterfall equipped palatial buildings, etc.), and employee compensation packages among the highest in the region. There are too many teachers (including in those buildings that you mention) that will directly instruct/ work with our children just five forty +/- minutes per day and teach the exact same one lesson each period. That roughly translates into less than half of the full teaching day is devoted to direct instruction. Our students and our taxpayers deserve more than just 50% instructional time from our teaching talent.


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