Prom Photo Gallery: Upload Your Pictures from the PRHS Prom & Prom Walk

Pine-Richland High School's prom at Heinz Field was preceded by the Prom Walk at the school. We know you took pictures. We saw all those cameras. Now we're asking you to share them with the community so everyone can see how beautiful those kids looked!

Like Cinderellas going to the ball, Pine-Richland High School girls in their beautiful gowns climbed aboard white carriages—OK, limos—with their Prince Charmings Friday night and headed to Heinz Field for the annual rite of passage known as Prom.

Parent papparazzi snapped photo after photo of the magical moments—here's one with just her, now one with just him. OK, both of them together. Now, let's get mom and dad in the picture .... And on and on until Cinderella and Prince Charming felt they were ready to be "America's Next Models."

But, hey. As parents, we have that right ... we want this day to live forever, especially if we're the ones who paid for the prom tickets, dresses, tuxes, flowers, limos, hair dressers, manicurists ... 

Even if we are not, we've probably never seen our kids look this good, so we want to have photo proof to show family, friends and neighbors.

Please share your photos by clicking on "Upload Photos and Videos." 

We appreciate it and we think you will too!


Editor's Note: I've uploaded photos of my son. Please upload photos of your sons and daughters too.



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