Pine-Richland School District To Take Good Hard Look at Itself

Strategic planning process aimed at coming up with a vision for the future.

The Pine-Richland School District is taking a good, long look at itself in a mirror that doubles as a crystal ball.

In a process that has a bureaucratic name -- strategic planning -- the school board and administration are looking at the past and envisioning the future.

Although eyes might glaze over at the bureaucratic sound of "strategic planning," the process is vital to children in the classroom.

It is a process that involves the community. Volunteers will be solicited in the next few weeks to help envision the future for Pine-Richland schools.

The school board met Wednesday evening for the second time to work out the nuts and bolts of coming up with a strategic plan -- creating a steering committee, subcommittees, a survey and such that reach out to the community at large.

So far, three people have been named to the steering committee -- Pine-Richland School Board President Stephen Hawbaker, Superintendent Dr. Mary Bucci and Director Richard Herko, who was the key facilitator when the district went through this process six years ago.

The current strategic plan -- also called a blueprint for the school district's future-- covers 2006 to 2012.

It includes this mission statement:

As a community of learners that cares intensely for each person, Pine-Richland creates a strong academic foundation and enables students to realize individual strengths and passions toward their life's fulfillment.

The district's vision is as follows:

Pine-Richland School District will be a recognized leader in education providing a customized learning environment to a growing and changing community.

A list of beliefs also is included. It starts off with this statement:

Education is a springboard for life, and as such all students should be given an opportunity to explore and grow.

A number of other beliefs are listed, which you can read by clicking here.

Bucci put together a timeline that has the process completed by February, before the school board starts working on its budget for the next school year.

When the district last went through this process, Director Dr. Jeffrey Banyas said it was standing-room-only at the first meeting. 

To see the 2006-2012 strategic plan, click here.



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