News Nearby: Should These Seneca Valley Teachers ‘Save it, Shave It or Stache It?’

To raise money for March of Dimes, it's up to Seneca Valley Middle School students to determine the fate of the teachers’ facial hair.

It isn’t the first time the Condor and Eagle academic teams at have participated in a fundraiser for March of Dimes. But it is the first time things have gotten so—hairy.

To raise money for the nonprofit, which promotes healthy babies and helps moms have full-term pregnancies, eight male teachers spent weeks growing out their beards. Students now will decide if the teachers should “Save it, Shave It, or Stache it.”

Through the end of the week, money for the cause will be collected during homeroom and lunch periods. Students can place their coins in the “Save It,” the “Shave It” or the “Stache It” jar. Students who put a dollar or more into any jar also are eligible for prizes, including gift cards and autographed Steelers items.

The jar filled with the most money will determine the fate of the beards. So far, forcing their teachers to wear mustaches is the runaway favorite among students.

“Stache it, all the way,” said Molly Speicher, who was one of three eighth-graders collecting donations during lunch Tuesday.

Teachers are hoping for a different outcome.

“We’re all hoping to ‘Shave It’ because it’s so itchy,” said math teacher Ken Kotula, who began growing his beard around Easter.

Participating in the fundraiser was an easy decision for Kotula, whose son, Jackson, was born six weeks prematurely. After spending three months at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Jackson today is a healthy and thriving toddler.

“So I like to help with this,” Kotula said.

Reading teacher Jonette Capra, who helped organize the event, said she hopes to bring in a barber next week to shave the teachers. As an incentive for students who want to see their teachers sport a ‘stache, the teachers may agree to wear the facial hair for a few extra days in exchange for more donations.  

Students may also determine which style of mustache the teachers wear. Some possible contenders are the Handlebar, the Chaplin or the Fu Manchu.

Capra said she hopes to raise at least $500 for the Butler County chapter of March of Dimes, which held its annual March for Babies on Saturday.

What type of facial hair would you like to see the teachers wear for a good cause? 


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