In Wake of Tragedy in Connecticut, Police Report to PR Schools to Alleviate Fears

Pine-Richland School Board talks about security measures at Richland Elementary.

Police officers greeted Pine-Richland schoolchildren Monday morning, but otherwise the students' day was fairly routine.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. David Foley told the Pine-Richland School Board on Monday evening that Northern Regional Police officers came to the schools to alleviate fears on their first day in classes after the mass

Police will continue to have a presence at the schools, Foley said after the meeting. He did not elaborate on specifics, citing security reasons. 

During the meeting, he reported to the board that the day had gone smoothly.  giving them an update and encouraging them to make appointments before visiting school buildings as another measure to increase security. Click here to read the letter.

The board discussed security at Richland Elementary, where plans are on the drawing board to improve the entrance to make it more secure. Visitors entering the building now pass into a "blind area" that cannot be seen by the main-office staff.

Facilities Management Director Gary Zang reported that a substantial part of construction to improve that entrance is expected to be completed by Aug. 1, in time for the 2013-14 school year. Improvements to a side entrance and parking lot also are planned.

Foley asked if the timetable could be moved up in light of the recent Connecticut tragedy.  

"It needs to be addressed as soon as possible," Foley said, noting it is the only blind entrance in the district.

School Board President Peter Lyons said that while accelerating the process feels and looks good, there is nothing more unsecure than a construction site where multiple groups of contractors and sub-contractors are working.

Zang said documents and a request for bid proposals still must be prepared before construction begins. He also noted that putting a hole in the front office for construction requires better weather than winter conditions.

"Because Richland (Elementary) is so unique, there are other alternatives we could look at in the interim," he said, including options to secure the doors or station a guard there.

Foley said he's met with Northern Regional Police Chief T. Robert Amann and Officer Scott Rick, and "they have been terrific." Their discussions included the possiblity of hiring off-duty police officers, he said.

Lyons said discussions about a security plan would continue in an executive session scheduled at the end of the meeting, citing the need to keep portions of the plan confidential.


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Jaden Cervantes December 18, 2012 at 12:10 PM
I don't think any of our schools should publicly be discussing what is in place or what their weakenesses are. All it does is give people looking to get in a means of knowing where to start and what to try. Please, keep the details to yourself.
James Dale Barrington December 18, 2012 at 04:32 PM
These are good things to think about and do; first steps to responding to the needs of our community schools, public buildings etc... To follow-up on that as soon as we can would be to have community/school forum and colloquies on the negative dynamics of violence and culture, and how it affects us as a society. Human nature, and the diversity of values we embrace, - freedom and responsibility as citizens who live so close to each other, - humanity as more than one 'self', - in part, - and sometimes broken, and ill - are necessary conversation topics... We are all nouns and verbs at different points in the day and week, and goodness and evil share the same house. - The point is that evil happens when things get out of control. We are involved with mental illness whether we accept that are not... Gated communities are the systems to a major problem that we rather say little to nothing about. Gated communities are necessary, yes, but the solution lies within our culture...
Susan M. December 18, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I think Dr. Foley did an excellent job of communicating to the parents/guardians about the school district's response to this tragedy. I felt a little more confident sending my daughter to school on Monday. I already see a change in the administration, now that Dr. Bucci is 'on vacation'. Dr. Foley does a much better job of giving detailed explanations. Bucci would just write..."this is what it its and that is it". BLAH and BLAND.


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