Pine-Richland High School Graduation Requirements Change

Measure gives students flexibility in use of social studies credit.

Starting with the class of 2016, Pine-Richland students will have a new option when choosing academic credits for graduation.

The Pine-Richland School Board voted 7-2 Monday night to allow students the flexibility to use their fourth social studies credit requirement in either science, social studies or math.

Directors Richard Herko and A. Robert Necciai voted against the measure.

President Stephen Hawbaker and directors Therese Dawson, Kevin Nigh, Jeffrey Banyas, Aafke Loney, Christine Misback and Dennis Sundo voted in favor of the change.

Herko stated that he thought the board should add to the academic rigor with more credits instead of shifting credits.

The school district's website outlines current graduation requirements as follows:

Required Credits

  • 4 credits in English [1 credit in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12]
  • 4 credits in Social Studies
  • 3 credits in Science
  • 3 credits in Math

2.5 credits in Health and Physical Education [Physical education is required all four years]


What do you think of the change in graduation requirements? Please tell us in the comments by logging in with your real name and posting your views.


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