Tell Us: What Do You Think The Price of Gas Will Be Now That the Election is Over?

Do you think prices will soar, stay the same or go down? Did the election have anything to do with it?

The price of gas often is brought up as a barometer of how the economy is doing, especially during the election season.

When President So-and-So (fill in the blank) was in office, the price of gas was just a penny a gallon ... Or so it seems when we look back to the "good ol' days".

Yesterday—Election Day 2012—the price of gas was $3.65 a gallon at the Sunoco station at the corner of Routes 910 and 8 in Gibsonia / Richland Township.

What do you think it will be when the next presidential election rolls around in 2016? What about a month from now or a year from now?

Do you think the president has anything to do with it or is it controlled by business?

Tell us in the comments. We'd like to hear your thoughts.




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