Peter Lyons Wins Pine-Richland School Board Seat; Richland Supervisor Dankmyer Re-Elected

Most Pine and Richland races are uncontested in this general election.

won a seat on the Pine-Richland School Board, unseating incumbent in Tuesday's election.

With all seven precincts reporting, Lyons tallied 639 votes, or 56.65 percent, compared to 488 votes, or 43.26 percent, for Misback.

In the race for the at-large seat on the Richland Township Board of Supervisors, won handily with 1,283 votes, or 64.28 percent, over challenger with 708 votes, or 35.47 percent.

Those were the only contested races in Pine and Richland Townships.

All vote totals are unofficial until certified by the Allegheny County Elections Bureau but are based on 100 percent of precincts reporting.

For the Pine-Richland School Board, incumbents [697 votes] and [746 votes] were re-elected to their Region 1 seats, which cover voting districts in western Pine Township.

Region 3 seats representing Richland Township on the school board will be filled by two newcomers who ran unopposed— [961 votes] and [980 votes].

Magisterial District Judge [7,089 votes] was elected to fill the seat for 05-02-12 district. Pine is being added to Wagner's district because of the retirement of and the reapportionment of districts. 

Incumbent Richland Supervisors [305 votes] and [215 votes] were re-elected.

In Pine, at-large supervisors [1,086],  [1,038] and [1,011] were re-elected also.

Voters had picture-perfect weather for Tuesday's general election.

At polls across the Pine-Richland community, voter turnout was running about 10 percent by mid-afternoon and closer to 20 percent to 25 percent toward evening.

Pine-Richland School Board Candidates  Number of Districts Reporting  Totals  Therese Dawson [Region 1 - two seats] 5 of 5 697 Kevin Nigh [Region 1 - two seats] 5 of 5 746 Peter Lyons [Region 2 - one seat] 7 of 7 639 Christine Misback [Region 2 - one seat] 7 of 7 488 Ginny Goebel [Region 3 - two seats] 4 of 4 961 Laura Ohlund [Region 3 - two seats] 4 of 4 980


Richland Supervisorial Candidates    No. of Districts Reporting


Hank Dankmyer [at-large seat]

8 of 8 1,283 Jeffrey Sarabok [at-large seat] 8 of 8 708 Raymond Kendrick [District 1 & 2 seat] 2 of 2 305 George "Skip" Allen [District 7 & 8] 2 of 2 215
Pine Supervisorial Candidates

 No. of Districts Reporting

 Total Philip D. Henry [at-large seat] 8 of 8 1,038 Ted Owen [at-large seat] 8 of 8 1,011 Frank Spagnolo [at-large seat] 8 of 8  1,086


Magisterial District Judge Candidate


No. of Districts Reporting



William K. Wagner 36 of 36   7,397


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