Pennsylvania House Passes $27.3 Billion Budget

Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R-28th, was one of dozens who spoke in favor of the budget.

After nine hours of debate, the state House passed a $27.3 billion budget Tuesday night by a 109-92 vote.

Now the bill goes to the Senate for further action.

All Democrats and two Republicans voted no.

Majority leader Mike Turzai, R-28th District, voted in favor of the budget, emphasizing the amount of funds dedicated to education for kindergarten through 12th grades, nursing homes, the mentally ill, seniors and those without health care who need Medicaid.

Turzai represents Pine, Richland, McCandless and Marshall townships, Bradford Woods and Franklin Park.

"With respect to education, we are spending $9.6 billion in state money to educate our kids, of which I have three, from kindergarten to 12th grade in schools throughout the state.

"That is $300 million more dollars this year than last year in terms of your state tax dollars," Turzai said in a speech from the floor.

"We're getting it done on time. We're getting it done with the taxpayer dollars that are coming to Harrisburg without asking for one cent more. We're not going to borrow or leverage our children's future."

Editor's Note: Click here for an updated comprehensive reaction story regarding the budget.


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