Tax Rate on Real Estate Remains Same for Pine Township

Supervisors adopt $14 million budget.

Residents of Pine Township are hearing those three little words we all love to hear: No tax increase.

The township supervisors voted 5-0 Monday night to adopt a $14 million budget that maintains the current 1.2-mills real estate tax rate.

The median property value for the township is $227,800, which means the tax bill from the township would be $273.36 for a home of that value, according to the Allegheny County website.

For a $100,000 home, the bill would be $120. The owner of a home valued at $1 million would be billed $1,200.

Owners of real estate in Pine Township also have to pay taxes levied by Allegheny County at 4.69 mills and Pine-Richland School District at 21.9084 mills.

For the $227,800 home, here is the breakdown of taxes:

Pine Township = $273.36

Allegheny County = $1,068.38

Pine-Richland School District = $4,990.73

Total = $6,332.47

The township's tax bills go out April 1, but the assessed value of real estate in Pine Township is unclear because Allegheny County's reassessment efforts are running behind schedule and have not reached Pine.

A breakdown of the $14 million budget is posted on the township's website. Click here to see it.


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