Judge Sentences Jesse Shore to Probation in Richland Park Encounter

Gibsonia man pleads guilty to two misdemeanor charges and is sentenced to five years probation and other conditions.

A Gibsonia man got a reprieve Wednesday when authorities dropped a felony count of statutory sexual assault in a case involving a 14-year-old girl.

to two misdemeanor charges—corruption of minors and indecent exposure.  charged Shore after finding him and the girl in a sexual liaison in a pickup truck parked in Richland Community Park in February, according to a criminal complaint.

Judge Jill E. Rangos sentenced Shore to five years probation on each count, to run concurrently, and stipulated several conditions.

"I am in no way excusing your conduct," Rangos said. 

Prosecutors withdrew two other charges—indecent assault on a person less than 16 years old and open lewdness.

Although the girl told police she agreed to the encounter, authorities apply the charge of statutory sexual assault when a victim is younger than 16 and a defendant is four or more years older. Patch does not identify victims of alleged sexual assault. 

Rangos stipulated that Shore's probation include mental health treatment and evaluations.

He is prohibited from contact with the victim.

Shore also is banned from using alcohol and from unsupervised contact with people under age 16. He is not allowed to work or volunteer with minors.

Shore told the judge he was apologetic and understood the gravity of his actions, but he said he wants to "continue my life in a positive manner."

He said he plans to go to college in West Virginia, but he did not specifiy where.

Rangos said the supervision of Shore's probation may be moved to West Virginia if authorities there agree.  If West Virginia does not offer an appropriate mental health program, Shore must return to Allegheny County for treatment, the judge said.

When police arrested Shore in February, he was on probation ordered Dec. 20 by Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Randal B. Todd. The judge also ordered him to perform community service and undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation after a conviction for one count of possession of a controlled substance. 

Prosecutors withdrew two felony drug charges then.


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woody August 30, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Not surprising to me that this guy got off with a tap on the wrist for statutory sexual assault of a 14 year old. Seems like that is the ongoing trend in Allegheny County now -- I just found out from North Hills Patch that the guys who shot at someone's car at the Wexford Athletic Club Cabana got off with misdemeanors too. "I am in no way excusing your conduct," Rangos said... YEAH, RIGHT, Judge Rangos. "Prosecutors withdrew two felony drug charges then": Why didn't this creep get a felony charge? I guess we're just going to let child molesters and gang-bangers have free run over northern Allegheny County, and when they do something wrong and hurt or kill someone, just give them a misdemeanor and some probation time.


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