Allegheny County Judge Extends Deadline for Municipalities to Adopt 2013 Budgets

Allegheny County Judge R. Stanton Wettick Jr. signed a court order extending the Dec. 31 deadline for municipalities to pass 2013 budgets.

Municipalities in Allegheny County have been granted a deadline extension to adopt their 2013 budgets and set property tax rates.

Allegheny County Judge R. Stanton Wettick Jr. signed and issued an official court order extending the Dec. 31 deadline to Jan. 31 for taxing bodies to adopt 2013 budgets and set millage rates.  

Pine Township already adopted its 2013 budget, and Richland is scheduled to adopt its budget on Dec. 19. 

Bell Acres Borough Solicitor Robert Max Junker said the deadline was changed after lawyers raised issues on behalf of municipalities working to finalize budgets before the end of the year with uncertainty regarding property assessment appeals.  

“The judge recognized that people are being asked to develop budgets and set millage rates without the actual numbers,” Junker said.

Municipalities have the option to re-examine and modify their final millage rates no later than 10 days before 2013 tax bills are mailed in the spring, according to the court order.

Wettick's court order also provides a four-day extension to the Dec. 17 deadline he previously set for the county's final and revised 2013 real estate assessment roll to be released on Dec. 21.


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