Traffic Blotter: Trail of Debris Leads Police to Damaged Ford Explorer

Northern Regional Police Department provided the following information.

Cobalt Runs Into Back of Ford Explorer

A Chevrolet Cobalt ran into the back of a Ford Explorer stopped for a red traffic signal on Turner Road at Route 910 in Richland Township about 4 p.m. Sept. 1, according to a report.

Brady A. Schuller, 20, of Russellton could not stop on the wet road in time to avoid the collision, police said. 

Police identified the Ford driver as Heather Kisow, 41, of Gibsonia.


Trail of Debris Leads Police to Damaged Ford Explorer

Northern Regional police followed a trail of debris in the early morning hours of Sept. 1 to a wrecked 1999 Ford Explorer near the intersection of Route 910 (Gibsonia Road) and Heights Drive in Pine Township.

The owner of the Ford—Thomas Nicklas, 56, of Gibsonia—was cited for a summary offense of not immediately reporting an accident to police.

Police responded to a report of broken glass on the road at the Route 910-Heights Drive intersection.

"There were tire tracks in the grass on the eastbound side of the road that showed where the vehicle had gone off of the road. There was damage to a tree, along with car debris there," the report states.

"The tire tracks continued on along with scattered car debris. This included a running board with supports, a broken rim, and side mirrors.

"There was a mark on the road where the vehicle had apparently spun tire trying to leave. (An officer) noticed a drag/gouge mark on the road leading from the accident scene.

"He followed it on the road which lead to White Pine Drive and then to the vehicle which was parked in the park lot. The vehicle was not occupied. It was heavily damaged, and it was obvious that it had rolled over.

"It was missing the left rear rim, and the right rear tire was off of the rim," the police report noted.

Police obtained the owner’s information from the license plate and went to his house on Bristlecone Drive.

Nicklas admitted he was involved in the accident and stated he had been upset earlier because he had argued with a family member, according to the police report.

Nicklas consented to a breathalizer test to check for alcohol consumption and the test showed no alcohol in his system, police said.

Hyundai Drifts Into Back of Mercedes at Traffic Signal in Pine

A Hyundai Tucson drifted forward and ran into the back of a Mercedes about 9:30 p.m. Aug. 31 at a red traffic signal on Route 19 in Pine Township, Northern Regional police said.

Thirty-year-old Ryan M. Kelly, of Gibsonia, told police he looked down and drifted forward just as the traffic signal turned green at the intersection with Wallace Road Extension.

Police identified the Mercedes-Benz driver as Stephen Plasterr, 59, of Gibsonia.


Man Hits Deer, Runs Over Signs

When Jeff Kosher arrived at his under-construction home on Grubbs Road in Richland Township on the morning of Aug. 31, he discovered a construction sign and Backeris House for Sale sign were run over and damaged.

He called police to file a hit-and-run unattended property report and told them he saw a young man with a flat tire near the end of Grubbs Road.

Eric Joseph McAtee, 23, Gibsonia told police a deer jumped in front of his 1998 Toyota Camry as he traveled south on Grubbs Road the night before.

He got out of his vehicle and didn’t see any property damage so he drove with a flat tire to a pull-off on Grubbs and parked for the night, the report states.

McAtee said he had minor damage to both driver’s side doors, according to the police report. In the morning, he changed the tire and drove off, police said.

He provided information to Kosher to pay restitution, the report states.


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