Police Warn of Vehicle Break-ins

Lock your car; take your keys. That's what police advise in this list of safety tips.

Pine-Richland residents usually consider themselves pretty safe in this low-crime community, but vehicle break-ins can happen anytime and anywhere.

In nearby Ross Township, police are investigating several thefts from vehicles in the area near Bellevue. Perhaps you travel to that area or simply would like a refresher on safety tips.

Last summer, investigated  where the garage doors had been left open accidentally overnight.

Here's the warning  issued on its Facebook page.

There have been several reported thefts from vehicles in the Forest Avenue and Ravenswood Avenue area, near the Ross border with Bellevue. These incidents are occurring during the nighttime hours. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious persons in the area. Also review the TIPS for Securing Your Vehicle below.

CRIME PREVENTION TIP: Securing your vehicle
•Lock your car – Take your keys
•Roll up your windows completely
•Never leave the keys in the ignition. Cars are frequently stolen from driveways while being warmed up in the winter. Cars are taken from gasoline stations while the owners go inside to pay
•Park in well lit areas
•Park near open businesses
•Try not to leave your keys with an attendant at a parking garage. If you must leave the keys, leave only the ignition keys. An attendant who is dishonest can make copies of the keys.
•Do not leave paperwork in the car with your name and address on them
•NEVER leave the title to the vehicle inside it
•Do not leave valuables inside the car in plain sight. Take these items with you, if that is not possible, place these items in the trunk or cover them
•Use your garage if you have one. Lock the car inside the locked garage!
•Anti-theft devices are advisable, such as the club, collar or alarm. Use or activate these devices every time you leave your car, even if for only a few minutes
•Do not hid spare keys in a magnetic box
•When you park your car, use the emergency brake, and turn the wheels either hard left or right. This makes towing the car away difficult
•If you lose your keyring that contains a FOB, immediately remove the car from the lot, or disable the car by disconnecting the battery. A thief that finds your keys can easily locate your vehicle in the lot by using the FOB. 

Personal safety in your vehicle
•While walking to your car, have your door key ready and in your hand when approaching the vehicle.
•Before getting into the car, look into the back seat for someone that may be hiding inside.
•Enter the vehicle quickly and lock the doors behind you before you settle yourself and packages
•If you are being followed, call 9-1-1 immediately if you have a cellular telephone. Stay on the line and update the 9-1-1 operator with your location until the police catch up to you
•If you do not have access to a cellular telephone, don’t drive home. Drive to the nearest Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital, or a 24 hours gasoline station or restaurant
•Do not travel alone at night, if possible
•Be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition and has gasoline
•If your vehicle does break down, stay with the car. Turn on the four-way flashers, raise the hood and hang a rag from the window.
•If you are in an isolated area and a good Samaritan does stop to assist you, stay in your locked vehicle and request he/she only notify the Police for you 

Lock your vehicle
Remove items of value
Stay safe !!


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