Pine-Richland Fared 'Pretty Well' in Superstorm Sandy, Police Chief Reports

No road closures or flooding reported in the area, but a tree hit a house on Applewood Drive in Richland.

Despite dire warnings about the wrath of Superstorm Sandy, the weather did no major damage in the Pine-Richland area.

"Actually, we fared pretty well," Northern Regional Police Chief T. Robert Amann said Tuesday morning, noting no road closures or major flooding issues have been reported.

But, a tree hit a house on Applewood Drive in Richland during the storm, he said.

"We're watching areas that have had flooding in the past. For now, there are no major problems," Amann said.

The flood-prone areas are:

  • Route 910 at Grubbs Road
  • Route 910 at Route 8
  • Route 910 at Turner Road.

In Marshall Township, police are monitoring the Brush Creek area near Northgate Drive and Warrendale Road.

No traffic problems were reported overnight, the chief said.

"There was not much traffic out there," he said.

While watching he Weather Channel Tuesday morning, Amann said he saw sunshine in Point Pleasant, NJ, and figured it was heading this way.

"By Friday, we should be OK."

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