UPDATE: Weather Service Warns of Potential Flooding in Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Northern Regional Police are monitoring flood-prone areas in Richland, Marshall.

UPDATE: The National Weather Service canceled its flood warning for the Monongahela river near Elizabeth. The flood advisory for the Ohio River at Pittsburgh continues.

Earlier story:

Look out for potential flooding.

That's the message from the National Weather Service as it continued a flood advisory Tuesday. The wind advisory from Monday has been canceled.

Northern Regional Police Chief T. Robert Amann said: "We're watching areas that have had flooding in the past. For now, there are no major problems." 

The flood-prone areas in Richland Township are:

Route 910 at Grubbs Road,

Route 910 at Route 8,

and Route 910 at Turner Road.

In Marshall Township, police are monitoring the Brush Creek area near Northgate Drive and Warrendale Road.

A flood advisory continues for the Ohio River at Pittsburgh until Thursday.

Widespread rainfall from the remants of Hurricane Sandy is causing the Monongahela River to rise, which is expected to affect the Ohio River at The Point in Pittsburgh.

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, the stage was 17.5 feet. Flood stage is 25.0 feet.

The National Weather Service forecasts:

  • The river will rise to near 21.9 feet after midnight.
  • At 18 feet, water begins to flow onto the Monongahela Parking Wharf.
  • At 19 feet, water start to flow onto the North Shore Riverwalk between the stadiums.
  • At 20 feet, ater is up to 1 foot deep in the lower areas of the North Shore Riverwalk.
  • At 21.0 feet, sewers begin backing up in Pittsburgh.
  • At 22 feet, the 10th Street Bypass floods.


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