Firefighters Douse Flames in Clubhouse in Remote Wooded Area of Richland Township

Richland Township Volunteer Fire Department used four-wheel-drive vehicles to get through the hilly terrain.

Firefighters doused a fire in a clubhouse/ treehouse in a remote wooded area of Richland Township Friday afternoon.

Chief Jim Kelly of the , said someone called in the fire when they saw smoke in the hilly wooded area off Victoria Lane.

Although firefighters originally thought they were responding to a brush fire, they  instead found what appeared to be a treehouse or clubhouse, about 15 feet by 15 feet, in flames, Kelly said.

The fire marshal will investigate to find the cause, Kelly said.

Firefighters used four-wheel-drive vehicles to get to the fire, which was “down in the middle of the woods,” according to Kelly.  Walking trails were visible in the area, he added.

Brush trucks carried water to the fire, Kelly said. When they ran out of water, they returned to get water off the engines parked on Victoria Drive.

assisted with its ATV, making its way to the fire via North Montour Road, Kelly said.




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