Mitt Romney Fumbles the Ball ... Again

Candidate Romney brings international embarrassment to the nation at a time of crisis.

In the hours following the dastardly Libyan attack which killed U.S.
Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Republican
presidential candidate Mitt Romney demonstrated his lack of
intelligence and savvy through launching an embarrassing broadside
against President Obama, whom he alleges used the aftermath of the
slaughter to apologize to our enemies and to curry favor with

Even if Romney's charges were true, which they are not, for him to use
this hour of national shock, outrage, pain, and mourning to score
cheap political points was beneath contempt. Were any intellectuals,
any informed and even-handed voters convinced that Romney acted
honorably and appropriately, that his remarks were those of a
statesman? It is instructive to note that even members of Romney's
party declined to endorse his comments and distanced themselves from them.

I would like to be able to vote for a competent, honorable Republican
for president, an individual who is able to think on his or her feet,
and who is able to grasp the gravity of their words before they exit
the candidate's mouth. Mitt Romney is not that person.

Whether it is attacking the president in a moment of international
crisis, reigniting the "birther" issue through an unfunny "joke,"
insulting the British regarding their management of the Olympics, or
being caught flat-footed when asked at a debate about releasing recent
tax returns, Governor Romney has demonstrated himself to be a bumbler, a non-serious candidate for such a critical office.

A qualified, top-notch Republican presidential candidate should be
able to win this year's election easily. This is a time of extended economic
malaise for which President Obama must bear great responsibility after
almost four years of stewardship. After all, it is he who told us that
if he is not able to bring the economy back to life within four years,
that his time in the White House should be a "one-term proposition."
Now he tells us that yes, we need to do better, and that he is the man to
get the job done, to accomplish in a second term what he was not able to do in his first. Why should the American people believe that
his failed solutions of 2009 through 2012 will suddenly bear fruit in
the years to come?

I did not and could not ever vote for a candidate like Mr. Obama, who
espouses a vast and unaffordable entitlement society, and who has no
conception of the limits of government and its provision of cradle to
grave care. Sadly, I cannot in good conscience cast a ballot for the
Republican either, given that the GOP candidate is not competent to be
the leader of the free world.

I will cast a vote of conscience for Libertarian Party candidate and
former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. I will sleep better for it
over the next four years.

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Bob Zanakis September 15, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Part 2 A patriot does what is best for his country where in this instance, Gov. Romney did what he thought was best for his chance at the office of the presidency. He was totally wrong. It is my opinion that this action displayed a total lack of maturity (even at his advanced age) and respect to our people who gave up their lives for our country. Instead of condemning the offenders, he attacks the president. Gov. Romney had a chance to appear presidential and he failed. It is so apparent that he is "not ready for prime time". While I am at it, he really does not understand the new social media, as he will say whatever his audience desires. That was the old way of campaigning in that you would promise anything to anyone as the people in this area would not know what people in another area hear from the candidate. No so today as every speech is online seconds after it is given.
Roger September 15, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Bob, I agree with much of what you say in both posts. However, it is also clear that Mr. Obama is not ready for prime time either. The response in the past couple of days to the Middle Eastern developments has been very troubling. Even to hear the White House say the uprisings "are not against America" is very disturbing. Mr. Romney had this election in his hands to loose, and he is doing a good job of just that. His statements were out of place and irresponsible. As the days wind down to November, it is getting clearer that our country is sorely lacking leadership, and there is nothing on the horizon. The GOP should have been able to run the dog catcher, forgetting about all the time and effort of the primary campaigns. The dog catcher should have won the race going away. But, all the events in the political arena over the past year have been distressing. This includes the campaign trail, and the happenings (or lack thereof) in Washington DC. We have a major debt crisis on our hands. We have a major tax change coming on January 1. We have significant matters pertaining to entitlement programs. Now, we recently have the Federal Reserve injecting fiscal control into a major fiscal policy matter (QE3). How many days has Congress met in the past two months? Where are they now? How many times will they meet before the year end? Where is the leadership on any front to get things moving?
Roger September 15, 2012 at 06:27 PM
While we respect your perspective, the choices of material that is not local leaves much room for flexibility and subjective interjection. Also, how the material is presented makes Patch open to evaluation. We also realize the internal viewpoint is different, and much closer than those of us reading the words. There is little question about a strategy of the region management over the past couple of months. Undoubtedly, the strategy is molded through early November. That is certainly Patch's prerogative. The sandbox belongs to Patch, and nobody disputes this basic fact. It is also clear that Patch is in desperate need of site traffic. In the recent revelation that each site is costing about twice the income stream, getting more advertising revenue is a must. If there is not a change, Patch will be part of history. This is not an altruistic venture. The recent hire of an Advertising Manager is a mark of traveling a different, more productive path. Some of the recent Patch offerings, and the decision to tie certain stories across many sites may help site traffic, I don't know. You know the stats, we do not. However, while the traffic may be higher, the real question is in regard of unique traffic. That may not change much with all these political stories. The same people are just migrating from story to story, not appealing to any new audience.
Bob Zanakis September 15, 2012 at 07:27 PM
To Roger: Really don't see your point given the current President is President. By definition, he cannot look like anything other that what he is, the President. Really can’t find the statement about which you refer but these attacks upon our embassy in Benghazi was an opportunistic commando raid that was in the planning stages for reprisal of the drone attack that took out the #2 guy in Al Qaeda, Abu Yahya Al-Libi. These terrorists used these demonstrations as a cover for their planned attack. I would assume the rest of these demonstrations (protests) are for the video that was on display on various TV stations in the world. It is a protest against the video from USA where free speech is a right. As for the tax/budget problem that you refer, it is up to both the congress via fiscal policy and the Fed via monetary policy to correct, in fact the Fed is mandated in their charter to curb inflation and unemployment. Congress has had no cooperation between the parties the last three and a half years by design hence no fiscal action has been taken. Not until those elected officials learn to govern; instead of committing their self-serving actions to break down our government, will these problems be addressed.
Bob Zanakis September 15, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Let me also address the Congress meeting problem. Since the election of 2010, the US House has changed many rules and procedures since they took power in 2011. One most drastic change is that they will not convene until Tuesdays and adjourn at the end of the day on Thursday giving the members of the house Mondays and Fridays to travel back to their home districts. This is the way the House does business now. They just returned from a 5-week vacation with all the unfinished business they left behind. Look at the Bills the House has passed since January 2011. I have never seen so many restricted bills using the government power to dictate what used to be a woman's rights to her body. The party in power says they are for small government UNLESS it is in their furthering their morals upon the people. It is just a shame that they won control of the House on the basis of promising jobs, jobs and jobs and done nothing to create a single job other than indirectly increasing the travel agents booking the members’ flights to and out of DC.


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