Will Rightsizing Cause a Dramatic or Traumatic Change for Primary Students?

Pine-Richland School District is "rightsizing" its three elementary schools, which means a change of venue for some children in grades K-3.

Change is rarely easy.

When it comes to rightsizing Pine-Richland's primary schools, perhaps said it best when he talked about the idea of children changing schools.

Many parents are on board and understanding of the rationale of rightsizing, he said , "as long as it doesn't affect their house."

But change is inevitable.

plans to redistrict its three primary schools that currently serve more than 1,200 students in kindergarten through third grade because of an imbalance in enrollments.

In a story similar to The Three Bears,  is too small (328 students) and  is too big (at 507), and Wexford is just right (418).

Someone has to move. The question is: Who?

Do you think the change will be dramatic or traumatic to students?

The first option is called Modified Plan 3A. Proposed by Pine-Richland schools' administration, this plan affects about 100 students. Here are the key points: 

  • Redistrict Grandview housing plan's 90 students and Richland Highlands' 20 students from Richland Elementary to Hance.
  • Adjust the northeast Hance boundary to include the Grandview housing plan and surrounding areas. 
  • Adjust the western boundary of Richland to include all of Logan Road.
  • The future development of Alderwood would be assigned to Richland Elementary.
  • Redistrict Rabold Fields' 19 students from Richland Elementary to Wexford.
  • Make no change to Pine Ridge Manor (White Pine Drive). Its 16 students will remain at Wexford. In the original plan, these students would have been redistricted to Richland.
  • Click on this link to see a map.

The second option is called modified Plan 4.

  • Adjust the northern Hance boundary to include the areas north of Route 910 between the Turnpike and Route 8. Roads north of Route 910 that would be redistricted to Hance include Clearview, Centerview, Lakeside, Dickey, Grove, Phillips, Franklin, Wesleyann, Baur, Fairfield, Meridian and Fisher.
  • Richland Highlands' 20 students would be redistricted from Richland to Hance.
  • Rabold Fields' 19 students would switch from Richland to Wexford.
  • Five students from part of Logan Road would be redistricted to Richland.
  • Pine Ridge Manor (White Pine Drive) students would remain at Wexford.
  • Click here for a map.

At Monday's Pine-Richland School Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Mary Bucci said Plan 4 moves fewer students. 

But the administration wants to make sure it has a plan that ensures vibrant enrollment for Hance Elementary, said Bucci. The area serving Hance is developed, with no plans on the drawing board for major housing developments. 

New housing developments are planned for Pine Township, which could mean substantial growth for Wexford Elementary in the future.

Pine-Richland School Board is expected to choose a plan at its meeting at 7:30 p.m. March 26 in the Dewitt Conference Room at the

Speakers from Grandview have spoken out against plans to redistrict their students from Richland to Hance.

What do you think? We want to hear your views. Why do you think Grandview students should or should not be redistricted? What about Richland Highlands students, who are expected to switch to Hance? Should Rabold Fields students transfer from Richland to Wexford?

Please click on Comment and tell us your thoughts.



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