Should Lawmakers Re-Examine Gun Laws in Wake of Connecticut Shooting?

All of the 20 children killed Friday were age 6 or 7.

Within hours of Friday’s mass shooting in Newton, CT, gun-control debates began raging across the country.

The shooting . 

The shooter, according to Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance. All of the weapons were registered to and legally owned by his mother, Nancy Lanza, who was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds at her home.

In the days since the shootings, some Democrats in Congress have been pushing for more gun restrictions in the United States, including a ban on military-style assault weapons.

While President Barack Obama has not specifically mentioned gun control in speeches to the public, he has emphasized that something must be done to prevent more tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook.

Efforts to restrict access to high-powered weapons are likely to be opposed by many Republicans as a violation to the U.S. Constitution's right to bear arms.

In recent months, there have been mass shootings at a movie house in Aurora, CO, during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises and at a mall in Oregon.

Locally, two people died and seven people were injured in March after John Shick went on a shooting rampage at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood. Police in turn shot and killed Shick.

We want to know what you think? Should lawmakers re-examine gun laws? Is it fair to blame guns for mass shootings, or should the blame fall to people who opt to fire them?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Debra Phelan December 18, 2012 at 08:24 AM
Why do you only suggest they look at gun laws? We need to look at other things too, such as the amount of violence coming out of Hollywood, the games these kids play that de-sensitive them, the overwhelming lack of help for those with mental illness and the outdated laws re: getting help for someone who is mentally ill -- it's not easy. This is something that needs to be addressed with ALL issues on the table, but still not violating the people's 2d Amendment rights. They also need to consider putting trained, armed guards at the schools. Everyone else has them -- the Senate, Congress, Govt. buildings, courthouses, the President, the law firm I worked at in D.C. WHY NOT OUR CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS? It's obvious that armed people guarding the schools could be a deterrent and possibly save our children & teachers. The guy who shot these 20 children and their teachers in Connecticut killed himself when he heard the sirens in the distance and knew they were coming for him. Where I'm from (D.C.), all of the schools have had at least 2 police officers full-time since 9/11. Or hire ex-Veterans or retired police officers to guard the schools. Our children deserve to be the most closely guarded people in the U.S. Instead we spend tons of Federal tax dollars on guarding the politicians & Govt. employees in D.C. AND we blow money on useless program. What could possibly be more important than our children? This can't happen again.
Debra Phelan December 18, 2012 at 08:30 AM
P.S. EVERYTHING needs to be on the table to solve this problem and protect our children -- including looking at high-powered weapons and ensuring there is a good background check & waiting period for all people who apply to purchase guns. If people don't want to put the children first, then we don't need their input. This applies to ALL groups on BOTH sides of this issue -- including those in the MSM and the Hollywood libs who have been saying their violent movies are their right to free speech. We need to look at everything. I don't want to see anymore mass murders of babies.


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