Poll: What's the Weirdest Friday the 13th Superstition?

Is it the unluckiest of days? Tell us your superstitions.

There are movies about it. It gets tossed into song lyrics and is the subject of endless cautionary tales.

It's Friday the 13th—supposedly the unluckiest of days—and it's today!

But today doesn't seem different from any other Friday. So why do we think it's unlucky?

The website HowStuffWorks.com offers some explanations about where this superstition came from and why people believe it.

As it turns out, the Friday the 13th superstition could be rooted in Christian theology. It could be part of Norse mythology or have something to do with British traditions during the Middle Ages.

Of course, it could just be us tricking ourselves. There are probably endless explanations for why this day is considered unlucky. It's fun to play along.

But, just in case it's real, be careful on your commute today. Keep an eye out for black cats crossing Route 910 and don't walk under any ladders on Route 19/Perry Highway.

And if you spot any bad omens in Pine or Richland, let us know! Tell us in the comments.


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