Patch Editor Goes on Unusual Duck Hunt

Mother duck and ducklings remain elusive despite repeated searches.

One morning in May, a motorist called police to tell them she had seen several ducklings cross the street following their mother when one fell into a stormwater basin.

This is the scenario a photographer or videographer loves. Cute ducklings being rescued -- it has a major "awww" factor.

Unfortunately (for me), the officer quickly and efficiently called Pine Township's public works department, and soon six adorable ducklings were reunited with their mother duck. This is according to a Northern Regional Police Department report that did not include the word "adorable."

When I heard about the ducklings (and my missed photo opportunity), I decided to head over to Wallace Road Extension in Pine Township where the waterfowl rescue had taken place.

I drove the length of Wallace Road Extension looking for ducks. No luck.

Using those sharp reportorial skills I have honed over the years, I started looking for a pond because, after all, ducks need water. 

I found a pond -- that I previously did not know existed -- between the Pine Tree Shoppes and Christopher Wren Apartments. I looked for the ducks. With camera in hand, I hoped they would magically appear.

They did not.

I took shots of the lovely pond that had no ducks swimming in it.

Returning several times, I continued to look for the ducks. I never found them, but I kept getting nicer photos of the pond.

Finally, I was at a Harmarville skating rink for my son's hockey game when I spotted a rather tame mallard duck and snapped a photo of her. Then I got another shot of her handsome green-headed mate.

So, here are a variety of photos that call on you to use your imagination to recreate the duckling rescue that I did not witness, but still wish I did.

I never did find the ducklings; I think they've grown up by now.


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