Flag Day: What Do You Do With A 48-Star Flag?

Patch Editor Cindy Cusic Micco is looking for advice from readers.

The 48-star flag has been with me for decades

A woman for whom I babysat gave it to me. I'm not sure why.

Perhaps she thought it was educational for me to have a 48-star flag. If I remember right, she told me it was draped across her father-in-law's casket.

It is a piece of history that deserves respect.

The American flag received its 48th star in 1912 as Arizona was added to the union of states. For 47 years, Old Glory had 48 stars in six rows of eight.

The 49th and 50th stars were added to the flag in 1959 and 1960 after Alaska and Hawaii became states.

I'm asking our readers on Flag Day 2012: What should I do with a 48-star flag?

Please give me your suggestions in the comments. 

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ronald larson June 21, 2012 at 10:55 PM
Keep your wonderful 48 star flag in a safe place .Fold it and display it with pride and Wave the present 50 star one with pride in this wonderful country of ours. God bless theUSA.
Sharon Pattisonb July 04, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Gary's Mother was born in Circleville, Ohio later married a Canadian and moved to Windsor, Ont. Canada. She raised 4 children - one my husband Gary and he has had this flag since a young boy! His uncle, Frank Connor, was the first engineer to go through the Panama Canal in a canoe. No none thought he would survive ,after President Hoover pressed the button, but he did and this flag he has could be from then.
Sharon Pattisonb July 04, 2012 at 09:16 PM
My husband just advised me iit was President W. Wilson, not Hoover, but then as a CANADIAN ,at least I know the names of some of your Presidents. We do live in Windsor across from Detroit Mi. We will keep this flag safe and secure and we fly it with our Canadian flag on July 1st and again July 4th!


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