Seven Fields Man Charged with Resisting Arrest, Drug Possession in Pine Township

Seth B. Jelic waives his preliminary hearing.

A Seven Fields man waived his preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges of resisting arrest, possessing cocaine and driving on a suspended license for an incident that occurred in Pine Township.

Seth B. Jelic, 32, also was charged with tampering with evidence and possessing heroin, but the district attorney's office dropped those charges when Jelic appeared before Magisterial District Judge William K. Wagner.

Jelic's formal arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 30.

pulled Jelic into the Plaza along Route 19 for a traffic stop on May 17, the criminal complaint states.

A Pennsylvania State Police trooper joined Northern Regional Officer Andrew Bienemann as he questioned Jelic, who had an open beer can in the vehicle's middle console, the complaint states. 

Trooper Jeffrey Brautigam asked Jelic why he was so nervous and Jelic told him he was under DUI suspension, according to the complaint.

When Bienemann asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle besides the open beer can, Jelic said no and gave the officer permission to search the car, the criminal complaint states.

When Bienemann found suspected cocaine in a container, he told Jelic to put his hands behind his back, placed him in custody and searched him, court documents show.

The officer found "several bags of suspected heroin wrapped in a rubber band in Jelic's front pocket," the complaint states.

Bienemann placed the suspected heroin and other items on the trunk of his patrol car, according to court documents.

"When Officer Bienemann went to place Jelic into the back seat, Jelic pulled himself away from Officer Bienemann and reached over with his mouth and grabbed a hold of the suspected heroin," the criminal complaint states.

"Jelic began chewing on the suspected heroin while Officer Bienemann and (Pennsylvania State Trooper Jeffrey Brautigam) attempted to have Jelic spit the heroin from his mouth," the complaint continues.

"Jelic began throwing himself around in an attempt to get away from Officer Bienemann. Jelic was becoming very agitated and was attempting to escape ...," states the report, which was written by Brautigam.

The trooper used a stun gun several times, but it did not affect Jelic, according to the criminal complaint.

"Jelic continued to fight with us and refused to spit out the suspected heroin," the criminal complaint states.

Eventually, Jelic stopped fighting and was placed into the back of the patrol vehicle and transported to Passavant Hospital to be checked for swallowing the suspected heroin, court documents show.


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