Plans Move Forward for Sports and Courts, Wendy’s in Pine

Officials approve plans for the sports complex and the fast food restaurant.

The new Wendy's in the works for Pine will feature a sleek, modern design. Credit: Wendy's Inc.
The new Wendy's in the works for Pine will feature a sleek, modern design. Credit: Wendy's Inc.

Two new developments are moving forward in Pine Township.

At Monday’s supervisors meeting, Pine officials approved plans for Dave Gray’s Sports and Courts, indoor sports complex which will be located in a former warehouse at the intersection of Franklin and Warrendale roads.

They also gave the green light to a new Wendy’s restaurant featuring a prototype of the fast food chain’s new, more urban, design.

The Wendy’s will be located at the Bauerle’s Greenhouse on Route 19 and Brooker Drive, near the Wexford Plaza. 

The greenhouse would be torn down to make way for the 3,400 square-foot restaurant with drive through.

After complaints from residents on Brooker Driver about the potential for vehicle headlights to shine into their homes, the developers for Wendy’s agreed to add extra landscaping to act as a buffer.

Wendy’s also will move the drive-through speakers towards the back of the two-parcel lot instead of aiming them towards of the residential portion of Brooker Drive.

The new location will replace the Wendy’s restaurant just a stone’s throw down the road in McCandless Township. 

Tommy Morgan, the north region construction manager for Wendy’s, said the Wendy’s located at 10490 Perry Highway would close once the new restaurant is open.

Morgan said he hopes to start construction on the restaurant in late summer. The new Wendy’s could open in time for the holidays, he said. 

Sports and Courts

Pine Township residents Glenn and Carol Foglio are partnering up with Gray, better known in the area as “Coach Dave,” on the Sports and Courts complex, which will offer children and adults the opportunity to play a variety of sports, including basketball, flag football, volleyball and more.

There also are plans to add a concession stand as host wellness and nutritional seminars for the community.

Gray said the new facility, which is located in a 6,000 former warehouse owned by Heurich Construction, would include a multi-purpose sports floor for basketball, football, dek hockey and other activities. It will be built in three phases.

“We really want it to be interchangeable,” Gray has said.

For the second phase of the project, the owners plan to add a large field house with turf flooring for baseball, soccer and lacrosse training.

As condition for approval by Pine supervisors, the developers agreed to limit the operating hours of the facility to be between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

They also agreed to submit a parking study of existing facility operations and concession area following Phase I and concession building construction and prior to the expansion of the recreation building.

Gray has said he hopes to have the complex open for business by mid to late August.


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