Holiday Shopping: Gifts Around $25

We found the perfect thing for the Twinkle Toes on your list.

We don't know any little girls who don't want to dance around on their toes while wearing something pink and floaty. Heck, even we like to do that every now and again.

Let's see: pink, floaty and tippy-toed? Look up those words in Webster's and you get ballerina, and in order to be a ballerina you must have a tutu.

We found ballerina skirts at All That Jazz in the Village at Pine in Wexford. The little dancer in your life will be delighted, and so will her mom. These tutus (or is that tuti) are like tulle doughnuts with an elastic center, so they can slip right on and off.

They come in several colors and sell for about $20. They are for small girls, up to about age 10. Sadly, that excludes us, but they are pretty enough that we would consider wearing one as a hat: the multi-colored one.

All That Jazz, The Village at Pine, Wexford


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