Autographed Set of Jackie Evancho CDs Sells for $6,300 on eBay

Now, THAT's one dedicated fan!

An eBay customer bought an autographed set of Jackie Evancho CDs Monday for a whopping $6,300.

Bidding started at $500 on Dec. 5 and ended at 10:50 a.m. ET Monday for "Complete Autographed Set Jackie Evancho CD's Bonus Japan Songs from Silver Screen", according to eBay.

The seller is listed as "binlied2".

The set includes Prelude to a Dream, O Holy Night EP, Dream With Me, Dream With Me in Concert, Dream With Me (special edition available only at Target), and Heavenly Christmas. Also included is a "Bonus Japanese release of Songs from the Silver Screen with Moon Over Ruined Castle," according to the eBay listing.

 Prelude to a Dream is Jackie's first CD, recorded before her America's Got Talent fame. It is now listed on Amazon.com for $2,400.

Back in August, two sets of a "Complete Autographed Set of Jackie Evancho CD's including Prelude to a Dream" sold for $4,500.05 and $4,604.10, according to the feedback section for "binlied2" on eBay.

Jackie tweeted a link to the eBay sale; click here to connect.

The eBay listing described the set as "the rarest of all Jackie Evancho Memorabilia to add to any jackie fans' cherished collection. Sure to be enjoyed for years to come.  Each package will be opened and come to you with an authentic autograph."

Jackie Evancho's CDs usually sell for less than $20 each.


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Joe Merkt December 11, 2012 at 12:44 AM
Cindy, It is amazing! Jackie has some really big time fans. I had my timing off by 12 hours or I would've bid myself. $6300 would have left me in the dust, though. :) Jackie deserves the recognition she gets from her fans. One day she will get that kind of recognition from the music awards people. THAT'S the day I am looking forward to. Joe Merkt Thompsons Station, TN
Cindy Cusic Micco December 11, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Thanks, Joe. She sure does have dedicated fans! Interesting comment about the music awards; it will be interesting to see what the future holds.
James Dale Barrington December 11, 2012 at 01:50 PM
I have never considered myself a 'fan' of any one singer over the years, however, Barbra Streisand, was my favorite when as a young man in the 60s. That is no more. Jackie's music/singing takes me to a place where I am nearly helplessly infused with feelings of wonderment and awe. Intoxicated may be the better word. I have thought about this a lot and have decided that it is the mature vibrato that she brings to each song she sings. Bidding like this is like an investment for the buyer into something that he/she can afford, and it having enormous meaning, as well. Any bidding is out of my league, but I can understand the feeling. If my wife was still living she would bet the house on the deal. Jackie could ask for the moon and some of her fans would give it a shot. -- It's all in fun and games; a good subject and person to swoon over. -- Cindy, thanks a million for keeping us fans in the know.


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