Richland Township Suspends All Fire and Burning Permits

No recreational fires or open burning allowed through July 9 due to drought conditions.

Due to dry conditions,  Richland Township Fire Official Guy Pedicone has suspended all permits which have been issued for recreational fires and opening burning within the  township for the next seven days, through Monday, July 9, 2012.  

Pine Township has not suspended fire and burning permits at this time, according to Pine Township Fire Marshal Tim Flaherty.

Pedicone encourages residents to attend public firework displays instead of purchasing fireworks.

 Residents who purchase legal fireworks from local vendors should exercise extreme caution when using them. Pedicone pointed out that in these conditions even a sparkler or a discarded match can cause a fire. He also stressed that people who purchase illegal fireworks, and import them for use in the township, are placing their community at risk.

 The Northern Regional Police Department will be alert for illegal fireworks, and will prosecute residents to the extent permitted by law.

 If residents decided to use legal fireworks, they should do so on a paved or barren area away from their home, vegetation, and any combustible materials. Residents should also have a water source available  - such as a charged garden hose or two five gallon buckets filled with water - to put out any unintended fires.

 Residents should remember that as temperatures increase, so does the threat of a disastrous fire. Given the dry conditions in our area, acting carelessly can cause even a small fire to turn deadly.

Local firefighters need the public’s help to assist them in keeping Richland Township safe from unintended structural and wild fires by, 1) not starting recreational fires and 2) using legal fireworks in a safe and appropriate manner.

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