Nearby: Channing Tatum Filming ‘Foxcatcher’ in Butler County

Residents are going crazy trying to get a glimpse of “The Sexiest Man Alive,” on location in Connoquenessing.

Most days, the borough of Connoquenessing is a quiet, suburban community in Butler County—except for when there are movie trailers in the area.

Oh yeah, and hordes of eager young girls trying to catch a glimpse of People Magazine’s newly minted “Sexiest Man Alive,” Channing Tatum.

That’s right. After filming in Sewickley Heights in early October, Tatum has been in the Connoquenessing area all week filming Foxcatcher, a Hollywood movie starring Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo.

Based on a true story, the film is about John du Pont (Carell), a chemical fortune heir who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and went to prison for killing David Schultz (Ruffalo), a 1984 gold medal winning wrestler. Tatum Channing plays Mark, Schultz's younger brother.

On Wednesday, there was security posted around Connoquenessing (including near VicNor Farms on Harmony Road) to prevent fans from intruding on the closed set—and try they have.

A crewmember at the Connoquenessing United Methodist Church on Main Street, which is being used for parking and as a lunch venue for the 200-plus extras and movie crew members, said there have been carloads of dads with their teenage daughters in the area trying to find Tatum.

“They’re all trying to get a picture,” he said.

Tatum sitings around Sewickley included the Starbucks on Beaver Street and Safrans on Walnut Street while the crew was in town for a few days filming at a Sewickley Heights property off Blackburn Road.   

Max Wieland, who works at East Coast Sandwiches, couldn't say for sure if Tatum stopped by, not that he would have noticed. 

"I wouldn't know him if I saw him," Wieland said. 

Mallory Sarver, a barista at Crazy Mocha didn't spot Tatum either, but if she did, her reaction would have been much different. Exactly how she would react though, Sarver said: "I don't even know."

"I would say 'Oh my God,'" she said.

At TJ’s Hideaway off Route 68 in Evans City, owner Joanie Baker said she had to take the phone off the hook Tuesday night because of a rumor that Tatum was eating dinner there.

He wasn’t—but that didn’t stop a gaggle of about 40 young girls from showing up at the restaurant in the hopes of finding their favorite movie star.

“We had so many calls,” Baker said. “The film crew comes in for lunch and dinner but he has not been in.”

In a matter of coincidence, The Strand Theater in Zelienople on Wednesday showed Magic Mike, the film in which Tatum and a cast of equally buff co-stars play male strippers, for the theater’s monthly Chick Flick.

Eye Kandy boutique owner Kandy Barkley, who sponsored the Chick Flick and fashion show, said she spent most of Wednesday trying to find Tatum and convince him to attend the event. At one point, there even was a rumor Tatum was coming to the theater.

She’s not the only one trying to track down the actor.

Since the movie began filming in the area, social media sites, including the Cranberry Patch Facebook page, have been atwitter—and tweeting—Tatum sightings.

Cranberry Patch reader Jolene Loncaric said she event managed to get on the set in Connoquenessing and speak to Tatum outside his trailer before security chased her away.

She described the actor as “super nice.”

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Tatum (married to actress Jenna Dewan since 2009… sigh) may still get a chance. Foxcatcher is slated to continue filming around Pittsburgh. In addition to Connoquenessing and Sewickley Heights, scenes have been filmed in White Oak and McKeesport.

Patch editor Larissa Dudkiewicz contributed to this report. 


Have you had a Channing Tatum sighting? Tell us your experience in the comment section below. 

Lisa White November 16, 2012 at 02:17 PM
i dont see why he has to hide out, since we live in butler county and are not exposed to hollywood, you would think he would want to meet people and get to know the young girls around here that obviously go see his movies and pay for his paycheck! i work at the VA hospital here in Butler, it is veterans day and thanksgiving, his grandfather was a confederate soldier, you would think he would want to come her to meet our veterans who never get out and would love to have him as a visitor, i feel he should socialize more with the people of this county instead of hiding out, but that is my opinion.
Stefani November 16, 2012 at 02:38 PM
There is also a lot more entailed in filming a movie than having free time to do as you please. A schedule is set and you follow it. He may want to do as you have stated above but just simply cannot get away.
Lisa White November 16, 2012 at 04:40 PM
Yes you might br right! I guess I am being kinda harsh, but even still I think it would be nice of him to try and make time when they do their schedules to allow for free time for him to do some things.
Cathy Krol November 17, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Any idea where he's at this weekend?
Larissa Dudkiewicz November 17, 2012 at 02:08 PM
I wish I knew! Let me know if you find out.


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