Watch: Did You See a UFO in the North Hills?

Could it be an alien presence?

This YouTube video was posted in March 2012. Do you remember seeing strange lights around that time?

James Dale Barrington January 23, 2013 at 05:06 PM
We are definitely not alone in this vast universe of galaxies. I could not tell from the few seconds of viewing the star-like light in the sky what the viewer was seeing, but do I think it could be a UFO?? Yes, indeed. I, too, have seen a UFO for nearly an hour one evening, and the truth is that many thousands (millions, I believe) have over the years and throughout history. Our government itself knows that it is true, and whistle-blowers of sort have told their part of the story to confirm that it is so. -- Where intelligent life as in the humanoid form are curious about us is exciting to me, but my greatest fear is in our response to them. To militarize the thousands of satellites around the planet earth as we have already done does not come off as a very good welcoming committee to their curiosity. Our altruistic capacity runs considerably behind our technological advances in our evolution it seems, which puts us all at risk of making bombs and missiles that destroy the good that might have been. So, our neighbors in the skies around us will just have to be very cautious in their approach to get to know us. -- A pity.
Mark A. January 23, 2013 at 07:03 PM
Sigh. No, just no. Unidentified? Maybe, to the guy filming it. Aliens? No. It IS identified to whoever put it up there, plane, weather balloon, whatever it is. This nonsense falls under the same idiocy as claiming that because science doesn't have an answer to something yet then God did it.
James Dale Barrington January 24, 2013 at 12:25 AM
Mark A. - Actually I am a humanist. -- Since there are billions of galaxies which have billions of stars along with billions of planets there is a good chance that an earth like planet exists. If there was only one planet for every billion stars there would still be billions of planets, and some of them very earth like. When millions of people have seen UFOs (or very strange looking objects) in the sky you have to take it serious enough to read what has become a common story from them. They are not idiots at all. In fact, they come from every walk of life with every level of vocational/career choice, unskilled, skilled, and professional with academic qualifications. One president speaks of it very candidly, and a number of astronauts has testified that it was true. It is a universal interest. In the year 2000 a hundred scientists, pilots, airline engineers, NASA aeronautics scientists and engineers testified that UFOs were true. Steven Greer was the facilitator. Steven Greer is a MD. This is not nonsense at all. Aliens?? Yes!! -- If only one of these stories is true then your argument doesn't stand. Could it be an illusion? If the anecdotal comments were not universal and overwhelming I would think, maybe, what I saw in the sky came from a stomach virus or something, - maybe... No, not even maybe. It happened. The earth may be our home, but we are not alone.


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