Richland to Collect E-Waste, Shred Papers for Community on Saturday

Events are in front of Richland Township Municipal Building.

Looking to get rid of old electronic equipment? Need help with shredding a bunch of paperwork?

From 10 a.m to 1 p.m. on Saturday, E-waste will be collected for free and paper will be shredded for a small cost at 's parking lot, 4019 Dickey Road, Gibsonia.

Here is the information from the Richland Township Spring 2012 newsletter.

E-Waste Collection Day

E-Waste is the recycling of old electronic equipment, like computers, cell phones and printers. E -Waste is toxic to the environment and over time these toxins leak lead and other hazardous toxins into water tables and drinking water. Some states allow E-Waste to be dumped into the landfills while others have made it illegal.

Pennsylvania now has a law that prohibits the dumping of E–Waste into landfills. Celo Holding is a green, locally owned company that recycles E-Waste for free. Celo Holdings LLC will collect all of this E–Waste, disassemble it down to its raw materials and recycle them to be made into brand new products.

Community Document Shredding Day

Do you have tons of unwanted paper, legal documents and confidential paperwork? Worried about identity theft?

Approved Information Destruction will shred your unwanted papers for a small fee. This company is bonded, insured and a member of the NAID. The shredding is done onsite by a mobile shredding truck and you can see your personal information being destroyed.

Cost: Bags and containers will be weighed @ .17/lb.

By the Box @ $6.00 per box—Based on a regular-size banker box 13”x15.5”

By the Box@ $8.00 per box—Based on legal-size banker box 24.5” x 15.5”


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