Poll: What is the Most Dangerous Intersection on Route 19 in Pine?

The heavily traveled road, also known as Perry Highway, is under construction.

We all know the trials and tribulations of driving on Route 19, also known as Perry Highway, in Pine Township.

Construction is underway on the narrow four-lane road in the congested Wexford Flats area to make it wider and add a center turning lane. New, improved traffic signals will be added at eight intersections in the project area.

Route 19 continues northwest of the project, past the Village at Pine and Pine Tree Shoppes developments.

Do you travel this road daily? Only occasionally? Or do you avoid it altogether?

Please take our poll to let us know where you think the most dangerous intersections are. Polling closes at 5 p.m. Thursday. We'll do a story on the results Friday.

Have an opinion you'd like to voice about Route 19? Just click on "Comments" to leave your thoughts.


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