Jackie Evancho To Present Kean Idol Award and Release New CD

Richland's hometown favorite will appear at April 15 event in Richland Township.

Ever since she won America’s heart last fall, Richland’s Jackie Evancho has been a busy 10-year-old.

She will appear locally April 15 when she presents the “Jackie Evancho Award” at the Kean Idol finals sponsored by St. Barnabas Health Care Systems in Richland Township. Jackie first appeared in the Kean Idol talent contest herself when she was only 7 years old and was first runner-up in 2008 and 2009.

Jackie received international attention when she was runner-up in the popular TV show “America’s Got Talent.” Since that time, Jackie has made numerous public appearances and released a best selling Christmas CD.

Her second CD, “Dream With Me,” will be released June 14.

But even though Jackie often appears on the national stage, she always remembers her roots by making special appearances at St. Barnabas. Jackie sang the national anthem at the Founder’s Day dinner in 2009 and was the featured singer in last year’s Kean Idol Vocal Championship.

St. Barnabas has decided to honor and continue supporting Jackie’s career by naming this special award in her honor.  

“We have been blessed to have so many talented vocalists take the Kean stage, and they all sing their hearts out!” said Tom Madden, managing director of the Kean Theatre.

Like Jackie, many contestants return to the competition several years in a row.

 “The first annual Jackie Evancho Award is the perfect opportunity to honor a contestant who has participated in Kean Idol vocal competition for two years or more who displays determination, commitment and vocal talent.  We encourage the contestants to follow their dreams and never give up – just like Jackie!  We are pleased Jackie will present the award on April 15th,” said Madden.

Jackie’s father, Mike Evancho said, “Like Jackie, there are kids who follow their dreams and don’t always get the recognition of their hard work. When St. Barnabas approached us with the idea that the award would be given for determination and hard work, we thought that was better than an award voted by the audience or on popularity.”

Jackie has also just completed her second CD, “Dream With Me,” to be released on June 14 by Columbia Records.  The new CD is produced by David Foster, who has 16 Grammys to his credit.

“We love the fact that Jackie was able to work with David,” said Mike, “Number one, he and Jackie get along really well, and number two, he is very picky with who he works with and can pick a winner.”

On her new CD, Jackie sings duets with singing legend Barbra Streisand and fellow reality TV sensation, Susan Boyle.

Songs include: "When You Wish Upon A Star," "O Mio Babbino Caro," "Dream with Me" and "The Lord’s Prayer."

Streisand is a friend of Foster’s, according to Mike. “And when he suggested it, we were, of course, delighted and the stars aligned because they were able to do it (sing the duet).”

“We are so proud with all that Jackie has accomplished and are looking forward to the release of her new CD,” said Evancho.

 The CD is available for preorder at http://www.jackieevancho.com.

J S Bates April 01, 2011 at 07:20 PM
Literally in tears. It took me 81 years to let myself out of the shell I had become, and never would have made it but for the beauty and grace of the Evancho Family and their beautiful children. Thank you for your imagination, your inspiration and your dedication. I've pre-ordered the new CD, but it would be nice to have a visual presentation, as well, as Jackie's aura is best appreciated by experiencing at all levels. Thanks again. An old-timer from Maine. Still in tears.
Steve Duncan April 09, 2011 at 01:13 AM
My thanks to Pine-Richland Patch for being another avenue to get information about the incredible Jackie Evancho. She is loved and adored here in my State of Kentucky!
Juan Dela Cruz April 15, 2011 at 05:29 AM
Juan Dela Cruz She's not only making noises in states,but also in South East Asia. They've follow any news/articles that comes out in the US. Here in the Phillipines, elders & parents not only wowed by her singing and appearance but also her polite grounded honest upbringing that Jackie's parents & family is popular. Younger girls wants to follow her lead and examples. If you saw twitter activity in Indonesia, Singapore, Malasia and neigbhoring countries, they just ask for autograph if she happens to stop over or one song performance live. These countries especially younger listeners & majority of it's people doesn't know about classical. I believe that her "Dream With Me" album is gonna be a big hit in this side of the world. They've never seen a little girl who looks like and sang like an ANGEL.
Nellie Renwick June 06, 2011 at 12:51 AM
She is a fantastic,adorable,talented young lady. We wish her all the sucess possible..


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